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Holy Chaos

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

Pentecost homily preached at Good Shepherd Church, Beverly Hills, May 23, 1010

I am a web developer. I work in Hollywood and live in Miracle Mile. So Wednesday evening I was driving south on La Brea. As you know, there are many Orthodox synagogues in that area, and the streets were filled with faithful Jews walking to synagogue. Whole families, everywhere you looked. Probably hundreds of people, all celebrating.

Wednesday was the great Jewish harvest festival called Shavuot, also called the Feast of Weeks because it is celebrated 50 days after Passover. At the time of Jesus, Shavuot was a pilgrimage feast, which meant that everyone came to the Temple in Jerusalem. Many came from distant lands, the conquered peoples of many nations. These Jews of the Diaspora spoke Greek as the international language of business and government; they even read the Jewish scriptures in Greek. They had a Greek name for this festival as well. They called it Pentecost.

Jerusalem was filled to capacity for this harvest festival. There were crowds everywhere, festive meals and parties. And in the midst of this chaos, something extraordinary happened. (more…)

How the Order of Deacons Was Restored to the Roman Church

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010
St. Stephen and St. Lawrence, Deacons and Martyrs

St. Stephen and St. Lawrence, Deacons and Martyrs

When the Council Fathers arrived in Rome on October 11, 1962, for the opening of the First Session of the Second Vatican Council called by John XXIII, they had already received a number of schemas, or draft documents, dealing with various topics that had been developed from extensive surveying of the world’s bishops and religious superiors. One of these schemas was called De Ecclesia (On the Church), and the story of its debate tied the two issues of collegiality (the authority of the bishops as individuals and as a group) and the permanent order of deacon together. (more…)

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