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About Our Partner Site

You’ll notice there’s a site listed as a partner site. What’s that about?

Cathedrals of California is a photoblog project undertaken by Deacon Eric (moi) and Francesco CurĂ¡, a fine arts photographer. The goal of the project is not only to offer images of the art and architecture of each cathedral in California, but also to chronicle the vibrant liturgical life that takes place within cathedrals as well as the outreach and social services centered in so many of them. Along the way, we hope our efforts will help many to gain a new appreciation of the roles of cathedrals in our society.

Francesco’s photography is truly wonderful. Here’s a taste for you. It’s the sanctuary crucifix icon at Saint Sophia Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Los Angeles, where we did a photo shoot last week:

Sanctuary crucifix at Saint Sophia Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Los Angeles

The Cathedrals of California project is an ecumenical endeavor. While both of us are Roman Catholics, we also wish to explore the diversity of Christianity in our state by including cathedrals of Anglican and Orthodox traditions. As far as we know, that makes 35 cathedrals in the Golden State, more than any other.

So do also check out Cathedrals of California regularly. I think you’ll enjoy it.

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