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About the Blog

The Catholic Story is primarily a blog to offer commentary and reflection on living the Gospel in everyday life.

Why another Catholic blog? There are certainly enough of them out there.

Our vision is to steer clear of the manufactured controversies that occupy so many blogs — the latest outrage on the “right” or the “left,” political missteps, parsing of official statements, laments about music, liturgical minutiae. All of this is being covered by many other bloggers.

What we’re trying to achieve is looking at the world through the lens of the Gospel, and how our dignity as a disiple of Jesus Christ affects all aspects of our lives — head, heart and hands. How does accepting the call as a disciple affect the way we read the newspaper, watch a film, read a book, interact with others? To us, that’s of profound interest, and if you agree, we hope you’ve found a home here on this blog.

We invite you to participate. We hope to establish a place for intelligent and heart-felt sharing on this site. As you do so, we do insist that all commenters follow a simple rule: In essentials, unity; in non-essentials, liberty; in all things, charity. Please compose your comments accordingly! Comments are moderated, and any that do not comply with this simple rule will be deleted.

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