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Media Contact

Media information and materials are available online.

Pamela McClure
McClure Muntsinger Public Relations
PO Box 804 Franklin TN 37065
Office: 615.595.8321
Fax: 615.595.832
Cell: 615.294.5073

Other Inquiries

Contact Deacon Eric Stoltz at eric[at]ericstoltz[dot]com.

One Response to “Contact”

  1. Duane Blake says:


    Its just mainly a heads up I think your site has been hacked its just happend to mine. I think its a mediatemple issue as you guys are on it like me.

    If you type your site into google the title page is not what it should be in search result page.

    I am currently speaking to mediatemple I suggest you guys do the same.


    Duane Blake

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