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Table of Contents

The following is the Table of Contents for Ascend. Each chapter is four to six pages in length:

Love, Grace, and Peace to You
How to Use This Book
1. God Speaks to a Longing in the Human Heart | Knowledge of God and Revelation
Backstory: A Look at the Major World Religions
Profile: Abraham
In the Media: Extraterrestrial Life
2. From Age to Age God Gathers a People to Himself | The Hebrew Testament
Backstory: What Is the Bible?
Profile: Hosea
In the Media: Evolution
3. Revelation Is Alive and Working in Our Own Lives | Scripture and Tradition
Backstory: How the Canon of Scripture Came About
Profile: Moses
In the Media: Bible Translations
4. God Believes in Us Before We Believe in Him | Faith
Backstory: A Christian Manifesto
Profile: Paul
In the Media: Atheism
5. God Is Love | God the Father
Backstory: Experiencing the Trinity in Our Lives
Profile: Josephine Bakhita
In the Media: Spiritual but Not Religious
6. Jesus Changes the World | The Son of God
Backstory: All You Need Is Love
Profile: The Samaritan Woman
In the Media: The Da Vinci Code
7. The Breath of God Gives Life | The Holy Spirit
Backstory: How You Can Be a Wise Person
Profile: Stephen
In the Media: Speaking in Tongues
8. The Kingdom of God Is Here and Now | The Teachings and Ministry of Jesus
Backstory: The Upside Down World of the Beatitudes
Profile: Peter
In the Media: An Eye for an Eye
9. God Always Wins | The Life, Death and Resurrection of Jesus
Backstory: Is Death Beautiful?
Profile: Mary Magdalene
In the Media: Anti-Semitism
10. We Don’t Choose God, God Chooses Us | Grace, Free Will and Sin
Backstory: The Struggle between Good and Evil
Profile: Dietrich Bonhoeffer
In the Media: Punishment on Earth
11. How We Show Respect to God | Commandments 1-3
Backstory: Afraid of God
Profile: The Roman Martyrs
In the Media: American Exceptionalism
12. How We Act Justly toward Others | Commandments 4-10
Backstory: God’s Justice System
Profile: Thomas More
In the Media: The Death Penalty
13. We Are Made for Glory | Heaven and Hell
Backstory: How to Be Happy
Profile: Joseph Bernardin
In the Media: Ghosts and Mediums
14. God Invites Us to Conversation | Prayer
Backstory: The Lord’s Prayer
Profile: Teresa of Ávila
In the Media: The Prosperity Gospel
15. Following in the Footsteps of Jesus | Discipleship
Backstory: Service Is Standard, Not an Option
Profile: Francis and Clare of Assisi
In the Media: The Environment and Animal Rights
16. We Are the Body of Christ | The Church
Backstory: Christianity Is Divided and Wounded
Profile: John XXIII
In the Media: Christian Nation
17. We Are Each Called to Serve | Church Ministries and Roles
Backstory: The Good News
Profile: Teresa of Kolkata
In the Media: Clerical Abuse
18. The Lord Hears the Cry of the Poor | Social Justice
Backstory: The Prophets and Their Message to Us
Profile: Bartolomé de las Casas
In the Media: War and Peace
19. We Have Died to Sin and Risen to a New Life | Sacraments of Initiation
Backstory: We Are Saved as a Community
Profile: Matteo Ricci
In the Media: Baptism by Immersion
20. God Calls Each of Us to Our Own Way of Life | Sacraments of Vocation
Backstory: Vocation Is about Relationships
Profile: Ignatius of Loyola
In the Media: Celibacy
21. God Heals Us | Sacraments of Healing
Backstory: Does Suffering Have Meaning?
Profile: The Trappists of Tibhirine
In the Media: Faith Healers
22. Our Celebration Knows No End | The Liturgy
Backstory: We Love to Celebrate and We Celebrate to Love
Profile: Miguel Pro
In the Media: Christmas Consumerism
23. We Stand on the Shoulders of Those Who Came Before Us | The Saints
Backstory: You Are Made to Be Holy
Profile: Dorothy Day
In the Media: Angels
24. She Pondered These Things in Her Heart | Mary
Backstory: Our Spirits Rejoice in God Our Savior
Profile: Joseph
In the Media: Apparitions of Mary
25. We Pass on a Gift of Great Price to Our Children | Raising Children in the Faith
Backstory: Should You Have Children
Profile: Takashi Nagai
In the Media: Annulments
26. You Are the Light of the World | Current Issues
Backstory: Morality Is about Right and Wrong
Profile: The Jesuits of the Guaraní
In the Media: Islam
27. We Open Ourselves to the Modern World | The Second Vatican Council
Backstory: Counter-Reformation: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Profile: John Henry Newman
In the Media: Schism
28. We Look Forward to the End of Time | The Second Coming
Backstory: Trust God
Profile: Mychal Judge
In the Media: The Rapture and Armageddon
Choose the Red Pill | Dismissal
Profile: Black Elk (Heȟáka Sápa)
Learn More
Profile: Thomas Merton
What Do You Really Think? | Discussion Questions
Profile: Catherine of Siena
A Vocabulary of Faith | Glossary
Profile: Thérèse of Lisieux
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